David Ruttenberg - PhD student

David Ruttenberg

David joined the lab and started his PhD in June 2019. His studies focus on ethical, co-designed, and personalized technologies that may assist autistic individuals who have sensory, attention, and mental health issues.

David’s research centers on developing multi-sensory, assistive technologies that mediate distractions, anxiety and fatigue, and increase focus for autistic individuals in school, work, and social contexts. He leverages Artificial Intelligence and Multimodal Learning Analytics into fully-externalized systems, coupled with ethical and personalized systems that may make environmental, sensory, and attentional issues easier to manage. As a father of a 19-year old autistic daughter, David places an emphasis on celebrating individual’s cognitive strengths, independence, and comfort.

David is supervised by Dr Sarah White from the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Prof Kaśka Porayska-Pomsta from the UCL Knowledge Lab and Prof Joni Holmes from Cambridge University’s/MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit and University of East Anglia.

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