Summer 2019

Sarah’s research is concerned with understanding how the autistic mind processes and represents information, with a particular focus on implicit mentalizing. She’s especially interested in how these cognitive differences might effect other aspects of cognition and mental health in autism, and in autistic cognition in the Fragile X Premutation and Broader Autism Phenotype.

Katherine oversees the day to day running of our Baily Thomas funded project, characterising social behaviours and socio-cognitive profiles in autistic children and children with Fragile X syndrome and Cornelia de Lange syndrome.

Ceci started her PhD in Sept 2017. Ceci’s research interests are in the processing of emotional vocalisations with laughter as the main focus, in particular its underlying neurocognitive mechanism. During her PhD, she will explore how the production and perception of laughter differ between neurotypical and clinical populations, such as in autism.

Ishita joined the lab in 2017. She started her PhD in April 2018 and is now in her third year. She is interested in studying how deception abilities change throughout development and its relation to mentalizing.

Ruihan joined the lab in Sept 2018. Ruihan’s research interests are in the construction of mentalizing and its relationship with potential socio-cognitive factors.

David Ruttenberg

David joined the lab and started his PhD in June 2019. His studies harvest inclusionary, co-designed wearables and research that provide relief and assistance for autistic individuals who have sensory, distractibility and focusing issues.

Beth joined the DevDivLab in 2018 as a Masters student and is now a research assistant in the lab. With a background in paediatric neuropsychology, her particular research interests are in mentalizing and cognition in autistic children.

Hannah first joined the DevDivLab as a masters student in 2019 and after the completion of her masters started work as a research assistant. She is particularly interested in understanding cognitive functioning in autism, how differences in cognitive functioning underlie the behavioural differences seen in autism and how these differences may affect aspects of mental health.

Miss Anushay Mazhar

Anushay joined the lab in September 2020. She completed her BSc Psychology from UCL, where she is also pursuing her MRes in Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology (in a joint program with Yale University). Anushay’s research interests are in cognitive differences underlying neurodevelopmental conditions, especially autism, and the effect of cultural differences in the generalisability of research on such conditions.

Roser Cañigueral (UCL)
Cathriona Cantio (Odense, Denmark)
Idalmis Santiesteban (Birkbeck; now ESRC future leader at University of Cambridge)

Research assistants
Malwina Dziwisz
Flora Thiebaut

Breanne Kearney
Caitlin McDonald
Tikal Catena
Maryna Nosyk
Sun Rui
Annabel Walsh
Johanna Finnemann

Paula Barea Arroyo
Zoe Bird
MarieClair Breen
Regina Cauz
Oonagh Coleman
Sophie Graci
Imogen Krell
Manon Michelotti
Sam Schofield
Matilda Steele
Christine Yi
Manying Chiu
Sinan Erturk
Marina Geer
Rachel Heath
Hannah Partington
Roisin Perry
Mollie Skinner
Sophie Pendered
Paridhi Agarwal
Christina Griva
Beth Jones
Karen Leow
Ciara Rafter
Katia Rosenbaum
Nicole Yu
Tamzyn Cupido
Freddy Chiu
Zahra Ahmed
Romina Sanchez-Hernandez
Denise Gerber
Sofia Luz
Stephanie Ingram
Catherine Etchells
Catherine McManus
Michele Burns
Zainab Al-Noor
Melissa Stockbridge
Gemma Morant
Helen O’Reilly

Malgorzata Braszka
Gabriele Kurpyte
Maddie Sanz
Clara Lim
Eleanor King
Verity Wilkinson
Devorah Coniston
Emily Hausman
Reina Popat
Sarah Johnson
Ade Owolabi
Megan Fisher
Hannah Roche
Karolina Jankowska
Gabriella Worth
Suman Saha

Placement/visiting students & volunteers
Ria Badiani
Hannah Kin
Zuzana Nikodemova
Begum Arin
Olivia Dziwisz
Mizuki Tojo
Ensar Acem
Claire Zhang
Katy Unwin
Lizzi O’Mahony
Melanie Brun
Julian Rellecke
Katie Tupper
Rosannagh Rogers

Lab outing Jan 2019