Ishita Chowdhury - PhD student

Ishita joined the lab in 2017. She started her PhD in April 2018 and is now in her third year. She is interested in studying how deception abilities change throughout development and its relation to mentalizing.

She is investigating how deception production and detection abilities change from late childhood, through adolescence, to early adulthood and how they are related to mentalizing, i.e. the ability of people to attribute mental states such as beliefs, desires and intentions to other individuals and themselves, especially when they are not explicitly aware of doing this. She is particularly interested in investigating whether or not autistic individuals, who have previously been found to struggle with mentalizing, are capable of detecting deception, i.e. when they are being lied to.

Ishita is leading the The Spotting Lies and Reading Minds: Development of Deception in autism project. Click here to read about it!

Ishita is now collecting data for her project. Email Ishita if you are interested to know more about the project!