Anushay Mazhar - Research Assistant

Miss Anushay Mazhar

Anushay joined the lab in September 2020. She completed her BSc Psychology from UCL, where she is also pursuing her MRes in Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology (in a joint program with Yale University). Anushay’s research interests are in cognitive differences underlying neurodevelopmental conditions, especially autism, and the effect of cultural differences in the generalisability of research on such conditions.

During her time at the DevDivLab, she is hoping to build on her research experience by working in various projects in the lab. Primarily, she is working alongside both David Ruttenberg on the SensorAble Project which aims to understand the lived experiences of individuals with autism and develop technology that helps improve quality of life. She is also working closely with Dr Sarah White on the Theory of Mind – Autism in Pakistan Project. Anushay secured funding through UCL’s Global Engagement Office to extend autism research to Pakistan.

She balances her research with her position as the founder of a non-profit, Resources For Neurodiversity, which aims to create awareness about neurodevelopmental conditions in Pakistan, conduct research on the Pakistani population and provide support to those who may not be able to afford it. Anushay is also passionate about photography, which she has previously used to highlight important issues that are commonly found in the society.