Ceci is now a scanner operator at BUCNI!

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We’re delighted to announce that Ceci Qing Cai passed her operator exam at BUCNI Birkbeck – UCL Centre for NeuroImaging. Congratulations Ceci!

A huge THANK YOU to Davide Bono – Ceci’s operator trainer! He is such a considerate and helpful person to work with, and Ceci went through an informative, thoughtful and joyful operator training with him!

Ceci is now a qualified MRI scanner operator – ‘the Queen of Avanto’ (Davide, 2021)! She will continue the data collection for her last PhD project on Avanto 1.5T scanner with Ozzie, Claire, YG and Lucie.

(Ceci & Davide by Yuxi Xiong – a talented participant in this project!)