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    Our lab welcomes three lovely summer students who will join our lab for 8 weeks.

    Begum (2nd year Psychologist, UCL), Mizuki (2nd year Psychologist, UCL) and Oliwia (2nd year Medic, University of Oxford) will be working on various projects in our lab, helping out with our new and temporary norm – remote testing! Although they join us in a not so typical lab environment, we hope they enjoy their time and pick up some useful skills.

    Welcome Begum, Mizuki and Oliwia!

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    We are excited to announce that our lab leader, Sarah White, has been awarded a Royal Society Enhancement award to study in-group v/s out-group effects in mentalizing — the ability to use other’s mental states such as beliefs, desires and intentions, to predict their behaviour.

    The study will investigate how your mentalizing ability is influenced when another person is similar or dissimilar to you. The project will therefore investigate if there is any difference in how autistic and neurotypical individuals mentalize when another person is more or less similar to them.

    Malwina, our research assistant, will be taking a lead on this project. If you are interested in learning more, please send Malwina an email!